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#Society6 by #DanielBrummitt | #Luxury #FramedArt #Design



The #VanillaSky #DANIELBRUMMITT | #CoboCenter | A #Poem about #Love & #NuclearWar 

Life is just a memory, that we play over and over in our mind. Time is so precious, embrace every second of it! It is such a waste to spend the few hours of light, fighting with the people you love. Shame on those individuals who cause problems in a family. One day you’ll wake up, (if you’re lucky), with a likeminded soul next to the fence. She’ll take you from the field where your parents fell, she will kiss you and call you The Sun. She has two left eyes, and thinks the world of you. Her kindness can only be found a few times; don’t be sad if she leaves the body you met her in. She’s not a body, and laughs in her sleep, because she knows she can be in two places. You’ll then go back to your friends that God saved and scattered for you, they will tell you the story of what happened the four years you were gone.